Total Children's Wellness Fair

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Queen City Stay At Home Moms and Queen City Supermom

Queen City Stay At Home Moms

is one of the most progressive mom support groups in the Queen City. They support total childhood wellness by creating a new model of the stay at home mom. 

They say "if mama aint happy, aint no one happy." It's true, so the moms of QCSAHM stay engaged to do better one day, one play date, one workshop, job sharing, and healthy meal at a time. We have something very special and we love to share it! Please join us soon. ( See more here)

We support all moms at every level of motherhood:

* New Moms

* Veteran Moms 

* Work From Home Moms

* Back to Work Moms

* MomPernuers (that's moms that go into business for themselves)

We are reinventing the Stay At Home Mom, one educated play date, cooking class, women only workshop and hug at a time! Join us 

QC Supermom, 
Mrs. Kelle Perkins

Military Wife Wife, Family Life Blogger, Mom Consultant and homeschooling mom of 9. 

She is a passionate breastfeeding advocate. Her story broke international news coverage during National Breastfeeding Week in 2012. She is also the founder of the Total Children's Wellness Fair. Haven't heard of her? Click for details here- Breastfeeding mom at public library

More about QC SAHM's 

In 2007, we, Queen City Stay At Home Moms hosted our first play date. It began with 1 mom and 2 kids, soon 5 moms, then 20, then 40. Today, there are over 200 members in Queen City Stay at Home Moms. We take raising  our children seriously. We have assisted moms with alternative eating and educational pursuits, donated over 70 tons of leveraged fresh food. We have volunteered over 300 hours with our children, promoted 231 kid fueled events, created over 300 meals with our children, and have even created  a product line that is supported by and for New moms and newborns. Read More Here-